What Could Go Wrong When Clients Decline Travel Insurance?

Q&A with Limor Decter, Travel Advisor and Concierge

As a proud member of the Virtuoso network, Limor is committed to providing exceptional service and unforgettable luxury leisure travel experiences for my elite clientele. Decter specializes in luxury hotels/ resorts/villa rentals, honeymoon, multi-generational trips and safaris. Her extensive industry network and personal experience and knowledge, allow her to negotiate amenities, upgrades and VIP status for her clientele. Limor creates tailor made itineraries and curated experiences with unparalleled concierge service for her discerning clients.​

Q: Tell me about a time your clients refused travel insurance and ultimately regretted that decision?

Limor Dector Ovation Travel
Limor Dector, Ovation Travel

A: My clients didn’t refuse insurance, but they didn’t insure the ENTIRE value of the trip. They were 6 travelers on a very expensive safari during the most costly time of year for travel, festive season. For some reason, they opted to only insure 25% of the trip. Despite my suggestion to insure the entire value, they declined my advice. My clients traveled for 36 hours, all the way from New York to Johannesburg, and upon their arrival in Victoria Falls, South Africa, they received news that a family member had passed away. They would need to immediately turn around to fly back to NYC, and subsequently book new flights.

My initial thought when I heard the news was utter sadness that they experienced this sudden loss of a beloved family member. I felt terrible that they had traveled for so many hours and that they needed to turn around. I was very concerned about their flights back home and needed to make sure they would arrive home as quickly as possible, in time to attend a funeral.  A few hours later, I remember asking myself why didn’t they insure the entire trip?

Q: What were the repercussions for your clients, and how much did it cost them to forgo travel insurance?

A: I always save the emails to prove that I offered insurance to my clients, and this case was no exception. They had to pay out of pocket for their new flights and they lost all the money on their lodging. I was able to recoup some money on their air charter as a courtesy, but if they had purchased insurance, they would have been protected and they would have saved tens of thousands of dollars.

Q: What is your personal opinion on selling travel insurance?

A: In my opinion, people who buy insurance usually never need it, and those who don’t buy insurance somehow always do. Purchasing insurance insures peace of mind for things that can go wrong, before and during the trip. I would say that at least 65% of my clients purchase travel insurance and are happy to do so, because you NEVER know WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

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