Quarantined On A Cruise Ship

Having food poisoning for 48 hours on vacation is no picnic!

Getting sick on a cruise ship, was 100% my own fault. I knew better because I ALWAYS get food poisoning if I eat food that isn’t kept at the EXACT proper temperature.
I’ve even been told by my doctor to AVOID eating at buffets, because the odds are HUGE that I am going to fall ill. But did I listen to her this time?

On those occasions when my brain refuses to comply with sound reason, here is what will inevitably happen. After consuming aforementioned buffet fare, I will wake up the very next morning with a little bit of a headache, followed by a “certain type” of bowel movement, and some ensuing nausea.

Approximately two hours later, the headache will get worse and will become excruciatingly painful for a minimum of 24 hours. I will not be able to eat, drink or even lift my head off the pillow to Instagram about the ordeal.

How Did I Get Sick On A Cruise Ship?

There had not been any noro virus outbreak, just one tiny mayonnaise covered shrimp, that had been out in the hot sun for too long, that I was too stupid to avoid.

How Hot Was It?

My three travel buddies and I were enjoying a lovely lunch buffet, on the outdoor aft deck onboard the former Fathom Travel’s, 450-passenger cruise ship, M.S. Adonia. The now defunct cruise line, was docked in Miami waiting to set sail on a 7 day voyage to Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic and the temperature was 80 degrees.

Fathom Travel is now out of business because although the cruise line was selling the opportunity for Travelers to GIVE BACK while on vacation, it turned out that people would prefer to spend their hard earned vacation time, GIVING to themselves, not giving back. No judgement.

Not the shrimp from buffet. Just a delicious shrimp to remind me that NOT all shrimp is BAD.

But I digress.

One of my fellow travelers had some uneaten shrimp salad on their plate, and I eyed it longingly. It called out, “Vicki, eat me.”

As I reluctantly picked up my fork, I said to myself, “Vicki, you are ABOUT to get food poisoning.” I knew.

That evening we sailed off into the sunset, and the following morning sure as shit (no pun), I awoke with aforementioned food poisoning symptoms. I called the medical unit to ask for help, and in order to keep the other passengers safe, they locked me in my cabin for the next 48 hours.

The first 24 hours were hellish. I couldn’t even lift my head off the pillow to Instagram about the ordeal. The next day was also bad…not because of the illness. I physically felt fine but I wasn’t permitted to leave my cabin.

It seemed like a jail sentence. Watch Video for more…..

What Could Go Wrong?

Do I Need Travel Insurance?

The good new is that my illness wasn’t any worse, BUT If I had needed to go to a hospital in a foreign country, having the proper Travel Insurance would have covered my emergency medical expenses. For more about WHY I carry a yearly policy, and WHY I insist that my travel clients carry Travel Insurance, please feel free to contact me!

I have been compensated for this BLOG post because I am an Brand Ambassador for Allianz Travel USA. I am a Brand Ambassador for Allianz, because I believe in their product and services!

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